Building the future, one fuel cell vehicle at a time…

The University of Alberta EcoCar team is a student-run engineering organization that designs and builds hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles. Our aim is to push the limits of efficient transportation by developing a fuel cell car with maximum mileage. The EcoCar team primarily races at the annual Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, an international arena for fuel efficiency.

Current Vehicle

Meet Sofie!

Unveiled this spring in April 2017 at the COBO Center, Detroit, Sofie is the EcoCar team’s third fuel cell vehicle! Sofie is a prototype class vehicle designed to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Keep scrolling to meet Sofie’s siblings who have also competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon!


Second Generation

Meet Alice!

The EcoCar Team’s second vehicle, Alice, received first place at the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas held in Detroit.

After the victory, Alice scored the team an invitation to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe and inaugural Drivers’ World Championship. EcoCar had the honour of being the only Canadian team at that stage of the competition.

First Generation

Meet Steve!

The very first vehicle built by the EcoCar Team is Steve, modelled after the traditional sports coupe design.

Steve received second place at the 2012 Shell Eco-Marathon in the first year EcoCar competed. Steve then returned to take first place at the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon.

Our Team

Team Members

The Electrical Engineering team focuses on vehicle efficiency, electrical components, and the control and electrical systems.

The Mechanical Engineering team focuses on optimizing weight to power, aesthetics, ergonomics, and the structural design and mechanical systems.

The Business Administration team promotes and markets the team, attracts funds and sponsors, manages finances, and ensures the team runs smoothly.

Get Involved

Interested in Supporting EcoCar?

Our team is driven by our passion for science, technology, and sustainability.

If you are a fellow student interested in joining our cause, or a company associate who shares our values, please feel free to contact us for potential collaborations!


Thanks to Our Sponsors!

The EcoCar team would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting their projects for this year.

Much of our success would not have been possible without their contributions.