Build Update

Through the past few months the University of Alberta EcoCar Team has busily been completing much of the build for our upcoming unveiling of the first generation vehicle. Look for updates regarding the official date and location of our unveiling event which is scheduled for late March 2012.

Currently, our team is working on many aspects of the build for the vehicle including, the layup of our carbon fiber chassis, hub motor conversions, welding of our suspension systems, and motor optimization. Another exciting update from our team has been the partnership with Twin Anchors Houseboats ( for the manufacture of our molds as well as the build of our body panels!   Below is a rendering of this work and is just a snippet of the type of work the University of Alberta EcoCar Team is proud to produce along with its partners. More on the work being done to produce our body panels coming shortly…


Next time look for our spot on a more in-depth look at what our electrical team has been working on.  Don’t forget to come back to us weekly for the latest on the team and our partners.

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