Shell Eco-Marathon Running Diary: Day 7

April 1, 2012

Sunday was the final day for competition. As the team woke and headed down to locate and fix the hydrogen leak the pressure was slowly getting to us. Today we had our last opportunity to put in a successful run. As it stood at this point, none of the 7 teams running hydrogen at the competition had put in a successful run yet. There were 4 teams in the urban concept category and 3 in prototype and all had been bogged down with trouble shooting, just as our team, and had been unable to complete a successful run. Things were getting close for the hydrogen teams.

About Adnan Arif

A fourth year Chemical Engineering student at the U of A, Adnan is passionate about alternative energy, climate change and computer programming. Between assignments, exams and killing people in GTA, he tries to find time to work on EcoCar's Electrical and PR teams.

Electrical Work Pictures

Here’s just a couple pictures of our team’s Electrical Lead Jared Geisinger working away in the Design Lab at the University of Alberta.

Dyno Testing:

Soldering :