Summer updates from the Fuel Cell team.

We’ve had a very exciting summer designing and building our own custom hydrogen fuel cell in Dr. Secanell ‘s Energy Systems Design (ESD) Lab. This new fuel cell will allow our vehicles to run more efficiently and help the team expand it’s innovation in fuel cell technology. There are many parts that go into the cell and one of the essential components that has been completed is the humidifier. The humidifier is important to the system because it increases the cell’s overall efficiency, performance, and reliability. Without humidification, the membranes that are used to exchange protons become too dry and can result in poor function or failure of the fuel cell.


We’d like to give a special thank you to Edmonton Valve and Fitting for their continuous support and contribution to the humidifier. With Swagelok fittings we are able to ensure leak-free air flow in the high temperature and humid environment.

To learn more about our partnership with Edmonton Valve and Fitting, visit:

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