SEMA 2017 Day 2 Update

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Early Afternoon

The second day of the Shell Eco-marathon at the COBO Center saw the team make major progress on both vehicles. Immediately after the opening ceremonies, the team got to work fixing any remaining structural issues with that was present with Alice during the trip down to Detroit. The team received a surprise gift bundle from the organizers for being the Canadian winners of the Shell Eco-marathon social media challenge (our team challenge is to eat all of the popcorn by the end of the weekend).

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Work continued on the fuel cell and FC fans, the final batch of team members arrived and Sofie went on to earn her technical inspection badge!

Sofie's badges of honour
Sofie’s badges of honour

Team Meeting

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The team took a quick break to get an update on how much progress has been made so far on all fronts, a few house keeping items were discussed and everyone got a chance to introduce themselves and what they were working on at the Eco-marathon.

Later in the day

The EcoCar Launch Control app is almost fully functional, our coding whizzes got to work tweaking and testing the server side data logging and GPS tracking capabilities of the app. All that remained was sending Alice to tech inspection which unfortunately we couldn’t complete today; we will be burning the midnight oil making some adjustments to our Urban concept. A fully loaded Sofie on the other hand got to spin her wheels a couple of times on the test track.

Tomorrow (pending weather conditions), we start racing and enter the final stages of Alice’s tech inspection.

From the COBO Center, it’s been an eventful day.


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