SEMA 2015 51-Hour Update


We came, we fixed, and we passed tech inspection. Now to the real race (just kidding – we’re in an efficiency competition)…

It was an early morning for our team as members made a supply trip to Home Depot. By what was “7 PM” (noon in normal people time), our axle was fixed and we were ready for round 2 of inspection. We had a few minor problems, but as the saying goes, “third time’s the charm.” In round 3, we welcomed the addition of safety stickers to our growing collection and were finally ready for the track.

Unfortunately, we missed the last Urban Prototype window of Saturday to taste Detroit’s tarmac and some fresh air. When we set about to test the car on the indoor track, some loose wires took our fuel cell controller offline. Consequently, we were unable to “make drifties.”



With the pressure lower than that of last night by ~0.2 kPa, some of our team members (admittedly, including myself) took the opportunity to close their eyes for a few minutes or catch up on Netflix.