Leadership Change Announcement

Starting this past month, the University of Alberta EcoCar team has a new Project Manager. Jason Wang, after four and a half years of leadership and dedication is stepping down as Project Manager and will be replaced at the helm by Natasha Pye. Natasha is a third year Engineering Physics student, C.D. Howe Memorial Scholarship winner, Queen Elizabeth Scholar, an inspiring advocate for equity, and a model for excellence. She has been on the team since 2015 and had been the Assistant Project Manager for over a year.

Jason was part of the team during EcoCar’s success at the Shell Eco-marathon efficiency competition. He was a member during our first-place finishes in the Hydrogen UrbanConcept category in 2014 and 2016. Jason oversaw the development of our prototype vehicle Sofie, which earned second place in its category in 2017. He has also been instrumental in expanding the team’s outreach efforts in the community.

In his final address to the team, Jason said: “Four and a half years ago I joined the EcoCar team looking to learn more about alternative energy and automotive engineering. Since September 2013, I have worked with hundreds of brilliant young minds to, at times, move mountains to see our cars succeed at the Shell Eco-marathon. The team has grown not only in numbers but also capacity and professionalism – a testament to the vigorous foundation previous members have left and the commitment of our current members. I want to thank you personally for your support and hope you share my enthusiasm for what is yet to come.”

Natasha is excited about her new role, stating “I could not have asked to be part of a better team than EcoCar, and am fortunate to find myself surrounded by incredibly inspirational and passionate team members. With our team continuing to grow each year and expand the scope of our projects, I can’t wait to see what amazing things we can accomplish in the future! Jason has been an incredible mentor to our team and we are so appreciative of all his dedication and hard work he has put in over the course of his degree.”.

We thank Jason for his leadership, support, and guidance over the years and wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours.


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