It has been really, really nice in Edmonton.

Spring at the U

As the days get longer and the weather continues to really shine, most university students are spending their time travelling to far-off destinations and local offices alike looking for some summer experiences! Likewise, many EcoCar graduates have now taken off into the world, but then…

But then there are us.

The team on campus is smaller than usual, but with a grand task to accomplish. Thus far, we have discussed some ways of optimizing our current build, collecting telemetry from our car, and making some important decisions for our next design already. There is talk of some ambitious projects floating around, and all that says to me is that our team is excited and all fuelled up for the summer!

Attached below are some pictures of the redesigned aeroshell. Our new members from the Industrial Design department at the University have played a large role in rethinking how our car looks, and their clay model is looking amazing! Marc and Ravin will be looking at how we can split the design up into panels for easier fabrication, assembly, and maintenance over the next few weeks.

Again, if you are interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to speak to any of our members in person or send us an email at!!!

Marc Webster's Alice Clay Model 1
Marc Webster’s Alice Clay Model 1

P.S. Edmonton is actually really beautiful in the summer, and I love being on the University campus!