EcoPoxy annouced as Exclusive Epoxy Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that EcoPoxy is once again supporting our team as our exclusive epoxy partner.

EcoPoxy creates bio-based epoxies that provide innovative, sustainable alternatives to petroleum based epoxies. EcoPoxy supports the agricultural community and sustainability by seeking innovative solutions to work towards their goal of 100% bio-based epoxies. They also are committed to quality products and customer satisfaction, and are invested in continuous research and development to improve their products as well as their bio-content. 

By refusing to compromise quality in pursuit of a sustainable future for epoxy, they provide viable options for epoxy users to make environmentally conscious choices with beautiful results. We are using EcoPoxy to create the carbon fiber shell of our car that gives it the aerodynamic advantage that allows for the high efficiency that we strive for. EcoPoxy was used in both the layups of the mold for the shell, as well as the layups of the shell itself, which are currently in progress.

To learn more you can check out their website:

We would like to once again thank EcoPoxy for their support in helping us to achieve our joint goal of pursuing a sustainable future.

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