Day 4 – Early Morning Update

We spent quite some time trying to fix up Alice in order to pass Tech Inspection and get her ready for the race. The team was testing Alice outside and trying to figure out the issue with Alice’s motors and brakes. The motor was misreading the current, and reading a higher current than was actually being drawn causing the motor to cut off. Alice’s brake pads were still rubbing against the rotors, causing a loss of efficiency. The team rolled Alice outside the paddock to test and worked right until we were kicked out of the paddock by security at 11pm. The work didn’t stop there though, each team set their strategy for the next morning, and the electrical team stayed up extremely late trying to build some new boards to replace the ones that weren’t working, and which would hopefully fix our headlight problem. With the inspectors coming at 8:30am, we knew we didn’t have much time to get everything working by then.

As the day ended, the team retreated into our RV, where Jason, our former project manager, gave a motivating team talk, and discussed our plans moving forward. It’s really amazing to see how hard everyone is working, and how we haven’t given up for one second, even when we’ve been faced with looming deadlines and difficulties at every turn. After sitting in an packed RV for half an hour, the team split off for the night. We planned to be in the paddock as soon as it opened at 6am and work until inspection time to finish the remainder of the work.

At 6am we were in the paddock working.  The Mec E’s had decided to try and file the brake pads down to try and prevent them from rubbing on the rotors. The Mec E’s had almost finished the new board.

At 8am we got the lights to flash briefly! Alice was rolling a little better than before, due to some changes to the motor and board coding, but the brakes were still giving us trouble. At 8:15am we still couldn’t get the lights to hazard or make the indicators work. The inspector came by and advised us that we had very little time left. At 8:30am we realized we were not going to be able to make the changes we needed to pass tech inspection. It was a difficult moment for the entire team, after so much work had gone into trying to make Alice work; however, I think everyone should be so proud of our complete determination and refusal to give up. We also didn’t have much time to be sad because Sofie was due to race right away. We will be racing over the next 2 hours, so wish us luck!


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