Day 2 – Opening Ceremonies and Team Photos

Day 2 we woke up bright and early for our 6am team meeting, we discussed strategy for the day and had a quick breakfast before heading to the paddocks and starting work.

Our goals for the day were to get Sofie and Alice into tech inspection, so right at 8am we lined up with Sofie and got the tech inspection process started. There are 11 tech inspection stations for Hydrogen Prototype technical inspection: Weight, Horn, Timed Escape, Mechanical Systems, Hydrogen, Electrical Systems, Brake Test, Harness Test, Dimensions, Visibility, and Seat Belt. Sofie easily passed Weight, Timed Escape, Brake Test, Dimensions,  Seat Belt, and Visibility. The horn was not installed yet, and when we got to Mechanical, we had some fixes we needed to do for Sofie’s steering wheel post before we could pass that station. We moved on to Hydrogen anyways, which is typically one of the most difficult stations to pass, and we passed our hydrogen leak test on the first go! Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish our inspection because the Shell Eco-marathon Opening Ceremonies were beginning and tech inspection was closing until 2pm.

After the Opening Ceremonies, we did a bit more work before we had to go for the group photo with all the other teams. It was stiflingly hot out and some of our team members had to try various methods of staying cool and not burning!

After the group photo we were back to being focused on passing tech inspection. We brought Sofie back to tech inspection and passed everything but Electrical Systems. There were several small fixes we needed to complete before we could pass tech inspection.

Walking back from the group photo

Meanwhile, we were also working double-time on Alice – there was still quite a bit of electrical and mechanical work to be done before we could pass tech inspection. Tech inspection is open tomorrow as well; however, it is only open to teams who have attempted every single station the day before – you don’t have to pass every station, but you have to make an attempt at passing and not be disqualified. That meant that even though we knew Alice wasn’t ready to race, we still had to get her in line for tech inspection and try to get through all of the stations while making as many adjustments as possible along the way. Hydrogen has 12 stations in tech inspection to pass: all the same ones for Prototype, as well as Telemetry. We passed 5 of the stations: Brake Test, Dimensions, Weight, Timed Escape, and Visibility; however when we got to Mechanical Systems, there were quite a few issues. The front of Alice was hanging too low, so we would have to look into ways to raise the bottom; we also need to build some support around the fire wall to prevent it from bending. Additional items were fixing the windshield wiper and finishing the wiring for the horn, as well as numerous fixes for the Electrical Systems station.  We managed to get around to every station, so we will be eligible to go to tech inspection tomorrow and hopefully pass!

Back to Sofie, we finished the updates to Sofie’s electrical at 6:30pm and tech inspection closes at 7pm, so we rushed back to the Electrical Systems station and presented the changes to the technicians. At 6:55pm we passed Electrical Systems!! With barely 5 min to spare we received our technical and safety inspection stickers, meaning tomorrow at 8:30am we can begin racing with Sofie!

Got Sofie through Tech!!!

    Got Alice 1/2 through Tech…

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