Day 1 – Fixing up the cars

After lunch, we toured the new race track to see any parts that might be problematic. We also had more members arrive from the airport.

Throughout the day the different sub-team were working on different components of Sofie and Alice.

The mechanical team was focused on two things: Sofie’s suspension and brakes. Unfortunately, just before shipping both cars, Sofie’s suspension was damaged. To fix the problem, we got a new carbon fibre rod, and using epoxy, re-attached the rod ends to it.  The epoxy takes 12 hours to set, so it should be ready for tech inspection tomorrow.

The brakes also had an issue where the wheel was misaligned, causing the wheels to begin braking before the driver even pressed on the brake button. However, by holding the brake, wiggling the wheel around, and some Mec E magic – the wheel now spins smoothly!

Tomorrow our goal is to get to the Hydrogen tech inspection station as early as possible, so our fuel cell team can get hydrogen and begin to condition Sofie’s fuel cell, which improves it’s efficiency. Part of that conditioning is running an air-starve, where we cover all the air intakes to the fuel cell to prevent oxygen entering and then running the fuel cell.

The Mec E’s spent time working on Alice’s mechanical systems, such as: fixing the steering wheel, sealing the firewall, and installing the horn, security latch, and emergency stop.

The Electrical team was working hard on making fixes to the auxiliary boards.

One of our Electrical Team members, Mihai, working on the aux board

Alice also has an issue with the brakes, where the brake pads are rubbing against the rotors. The plan for Alice tomorrow is to remove part of the aeroshell to re-align the brake pads and rotors, and then put everything back together. We didn’t manage to get Alice into tech inspection, but we are hoping to get her in early tomorrow morning!

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow, including the Opening Ceremonies of the Shell Eco-marathon, and details of tech inspection!

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