Day 0 – The Beginning of Competition

Team members started arriving late afternoon yesterday at San Francisco airport and couldn’t resist celebrating the sunny weather.


…. and after!

We were also to take some pictures during our flight, including one of Mt. Rainier.

We were picked up from the airport by an awesome Lyft driver who currently works at Impossible Foods.  They are responsible for the ImpossibleTMBurger: a burger that uses non-animal sourced protein to make their patties. He was also kind enough to allow us to make a quick stop at the iconic Golden Gate bridge (and take some profile pics) before heading to Sonoma Raceway.

This is the first year the Shell Eco-marathon Americas is being hosted in Sonoma, California, and many things are different from previous years at Detroit. One big difference is camping outdoors! By the time we arrived at the Raceway and had unpacked Sofie and Alice’s crates it was dark – so it became an adventure to set-up the tents.

Day 1 – And we’re off!

We woke up to the sound of herding sheep and a cold California morning. As members slowly trickled in, we began working on the cars, and attended additional information sessions. Our goals for the rest of the day are to fix up the suspension on Sofie and make the final touches to Alice so that we can begin the technical inspection today.  Stay tuned for more status updates throughout the competition!

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