EcoCar Crowdfunding Announcement


The University of Alberta EcoCar team has launched a crowdfunding campaign! We need your help to continue to develop innovative projects and to improve our current and future cars.  Any contribution really helps the team.  Our crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

Building a ground-breaking vehicle can be very expensive! We design almost all of our components in-house and rarely purchase prefabricated systems. This cuts down on costs and adds to our learning experience. However, Alice still commands a hefty price tag. Our team members have performed invaluable research into manufacturing techniques, materials selection, electrical systems, and much more. This has helped us immensely in terms of imparting real, engineering skills to our members. We want to continue doing the work we’ve been doing since 2010 and need your help in order to secure our team’s financial future.

12380991_10207655201592113_690529509_oThe Faculty of Engineering has supported us immensely by announcing that for every dollar donated to our crowdfunding campaign, it will be matched one for one by The Spirit of George Ford Endowment Fund. This means that your gift will have twice the impact on our team!  In addition, all donations are tax-deductible.

If you have not seen it yet, make sure you check out our first update on our crowdfunding campaign:

About Natasha Pye

I am currently in my second year of Engineering Physics with Nanotechnology. I am the Assistant Project Manager for EcoCar this year. Chances are, if I am not sleeping, eating, or doing homework, I am either working on EcoCar or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

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