Toyota Canada announced as Exclusive Automotive Sponsor

The University of Alberta EcoCar Team is delighted to announce that Toyota Canada Inc. will be joining the team as this year’s Exclusive Automotive Sponsor.

Ever since the team’s creation in 2010, participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon has given the team not only an opportunity to push the boundaries of energy efficiency but also the chance to explore and build perspectives on how to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Day 4 – Early Morning Update

Day 3 – Sofie Races!!

Day 2 – Opening Ceremonies and Team Photos

Day 2 we woke up bright and early for our 6am team meeting, we discussed strategy for the day and had a quick breakfast before heading to the paddocks and starting work.

Our goals for the day were to get Sofie and Alice into tech inspection, so right at 8am we lined up with Sofie and got the tech inspection process started. There are 11 tech inspection stations for Hydrogen Prototype technical inspection: Weight, Horn, Timed Escape, Mechanical Systems, Hydrogen, Electrical Systems, Brake Test, Harness Test, Dimensions, Visibility, and Seat Belt. Sofie easily passed Weight, Timed Escape, Brake Test, Dimensions,  Seat Belt, and Visibility. The horn was not installed yet, and when we got to Mechanical, we had some fixes we needed to do for Sofie’s steering wheel post before we could pass that station. We moved on to Hydrogen anyways, which is typically one of the most difficult stations to pass, and we passed our hydrogen leak test on the first go! Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish our inspection because the Shell Eco-marathon Opening Ceremonies were beginning and tech inspection was closing until 2pm.

Day 1 – Fixing up the cars

Shell Eco-Marathon Running Diary: Day 9

April 3, 2012

This morning our first stop was a lovely little gas station/tourist shop. The outside was done to look like fake old buildings and stores. On the inside you could buy anything from postcards and stamps to statues, guns, clothes, and sandwiches. There was even a section of the till devoted to rattle snake items. There were canes with rattle snake heads, stuffed rattle snakes, rattle snake skin wallets and shoes. The gentleman running the shop was a very nice fellow and we had a good chat with him. He pointed out some of the sights to see along our road. He mentioned the Apache camps in the hills, the locations of famous battles, and mining ghost towns. We were truly in the land of cowboys and Indians. Unfortunately we would be unable to stop at any of these locations as we had to continue our trip home. But someday we may find the time to explore the sights of New Mexico.