Aeroshell Mold Pickup

We picked up the Aeroshell mold for our new car Alice! A few of us drove down to Calgary to get it early in the morning.

The Aeroshell forms the outer body of the car. It serves to make the car aerodynamic while simultaneously making it look pretty. We’re all about multitasking here at EcoCar 🙂 The next step is to sand this baby down and then use it to make the final Aeroshell.

Chassis Update: Black Magic

Hello again everyone! Things have been busy as usual at EcoCar. The Mec E’s have been hard at work building Alice‘s chassis: the “skeleton” of the car. Apart from holding the suspension, aeroshell, electrical boards, and hydrogen fuel cell together, the chassis plays a critical role in the overall stability and structure of the car. Needless to say, this is one of the car’s most important components.

Motors Update: Encoders, MOSFETS and Airplane Propellers

You would think that getting a motor to move a car forward would be a fairly straightforward process. Unfortunately, like many things in life, it’s not that simple. This year’s Shell Eco-marathon wrapped up in April 2015. Since then, our motors team has been hard at work trying to get the motor that moves our new car, Alice, to spin smoothly. As it so happens, this particular motor was intended to spin hobby airplane propellers and so there are a few obstacles in the way to say the least.