Canada Day, Canada SEMA Teams!

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all our Readers!

…….A total of 14 Canadian teams* showed up at Detroit for the 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas and we all worked incredibly hard in hopes of winning the competition. We would like to acknowledge all these teams and ask you, the readers, to check out, and support our friends from coast to coast for we are all Team Canada, GO CANADA GO!!!

So, without further delay, we will begin introducing all FOURTEEN* teams!

#1: University of British Columbia
UBC Supermileage
Team Manager: Jocelyne Boone

UBC Supermileage-min

…….“For the Pursuit of Efficiency” is a core belief at UBC Supermilage. Their prototype efficiency is around 1000 MPG (US), while their UrbanConcept has an efficiency of around 500 MPG (US). UBC’s 60 member team is broken down into four divisions: an engine division, an aeroshell division, a chassis division, and an electrical division. And with this team, they compete in both the Shell Eco-marathon and the SAE Supermileage Competition: busy huh? These guys are in fact so busy, we couldn’t find good time to take a photo with everyone.

If you would like to check out more, visit
PS. Their YouTube channel has a sweet 4K video of their travel here, so check that out!

#2: University of Alberta
University of Alberta EcoCar Team
Team Manager: Jason R. Wang


……. It’s us, the University of Alberta EcoCar Team! (We didn’t forget Alberta this time) This was our first year driving the vehicles down to Detroit, as well as our first year competing in the Hydrogen prototype category. If you would like to learn more about our adventures in Detroit, feel free to explore our daily competition summaries and extra content on our other social media platforms.


#3: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Team Manager: Ryen Stallman


…….SaskEco Team is relatively new, they had little experience with the SEM (this being their first competition). Their team manager mentioned that they honestly had no clue where to start, and used other teams as inspiration. They eventually came up with their vehicle after a five-month design and two-month build process. This year, they were super eager to get in a full-run on the tracks.

Catch up with them at:

#4: University of Manitoba
UM ecoMotion
Team Manager: Mihshakwan James Harper


…….UM ecoMotion main goal for this competition was to getting out on the track and pushing to get onto the leadership board. They knew they were not optimal, but they had high hopes and a great passion to do well in this competition. The team was also very excited, being another first-year team, to acquire and play around with CANBUS: a communication protocol used by industry. Their vehicle name, “Waskotepeyiw” means Lightning Bolt in Cree.

 Explore their website:

#5: Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School
Northern Eco
Team Manager: Madison Paterson

Team Northern

…….“Team Northern is a team from Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School in Sarnia, Ontario. Team Northern is currently the first and only Canadian high school team competing in SEMA. We have students ranging from the age of 14-18, making our team likely one of the youngest as well. We have taken this opportunity in SEMA to prove that although we are younger, we are not weaker. This year the R.O.V.E.R completed an official run of 440 MPG (US) placing 23rd, but unofficially we achieved 811 MPG (US) in a run that we had complications with our starter before our last lap was completed.” – Madison Paterson

We wish Northern Eco good luck, and we hope to hear more about their achievements next, but in the mean time, keep up-to-date with them at:

#6: Univeristy of Waterloo
Team Manager: Jonathan Lepine


…….A core belief at UWEMC is that “if you’re not having fun, then the rest is meaningless. Enjoy spending time to learn engineering!”. The role of team manager was handed down to Jonathan, saying he could quit if he was no longer having fun. UWEMC experimented recently with carbon fiber, and anything that can be carbon fiber, is in fact, made of carbon fiber: including the wheel mount. And upon working on the vehicle, they found themselves doing quite a bit of interdisciplinary learning, balancing electrical, mechanical, and chemical.

Support UWEMC and go to:

#7: Mohawk College
Mohawk Super Mileage Team
Team Manager: Brad Taylor

…….Mohawk College will be the only team to be picture-less. They left the competition prematurely just before we could get a team photo. However, we were able to get a mini-interview in. For Mohawk Super Mileage, this is their second-year at competition, but the first year for this specific group, who picked the entire project from a former member. While they are ironing out issues from last year, all the current members joined for the love of the project, and have their hearts set on doing what they came here to do.

We are eager to see Mohawk return the SEMA next year, so please support them and look at the site:

#8: University of Toronto
University of Toronto Supermileage
Team Manager: Kristine Confalone

U of T

…….U of T Supermileage traditionally had only one gasoline car which did extremely well, runner-up in their category, second only to Laval. This year, they are eager to beat Laval’s record and win first place. In addition, they have added a battery-electric vehicle to their arsenal. This vehicle is completely brand new, and prior to the competition, it had never raced, and the team is ecstatic to see it compete on the tracks. Finally, a team member gave us this quote: “We think of ideas, and then literally make them: imagination realized”.

Help them create more of their ideas, and check our their website. Maybe one day they’ll beat Laval?

#9: Ryerson University
Ryerson Supermileage
Team Manager: Andrew Moscoe


…….Along with a few other teams, Ryerson Supermileage is also a first-year team. For this competition, they were just hoping to see their vehicle run, and go with the flow afterwards. Ryerson, however, is a very innovative team. They built their vehicle without any coherent scheduling. In adddition, just like many other teams, they compete in SEM not on mandate, but out of the personal desire to learn. It was based on their personal willpower to conquer difficult tasks that have brought them this far, noting  that despite having capstone presentations the same-day as the competion, they still made it to Detroit: talk about perseverance and will-power!

We wish them luck next year; see what this team of dedicated students will achieve at:

#10: Queen’s University
Queen’s Supermileage (QSM)
Team Manager: Kailan Clark


…….“Queen’s Supermileage (QSM) is a student-run design team at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. The aim of the team is to shape the future of fuel consumption. With the combined technical knowledge and skill base of students across all faculties, we create innovative solutions to optimize fuel efficiency through the design and manufacture of prototype cars. Utilizing the established energy source, gasoline, our internal combustion engine propels the vehicle. QSM competes annually at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas in the pursuit of achieving the leading design for fuel efficiency.” – Kailan Clark

If you’re curious about Queen’s and would like to more about them, please have a look at their website:

#11: University of Ottawa
Super Mileage UOttawa
Team Manager: Felix Bouffard


…….“We’re the Fuel Efficient Sharks. FES”. One of the coolest looking vehicles in SEMA, UOttawa drives around the track in a really cool shark. And, with this shark, like U of T Supermileage, they aim to be the top. And, beat Laval.

Follow the Shark and see what other ideas they may have at:

#12: Univeristy of Concordia
Concordia SAE Supermileage
Team Manager: Loïc Lajoumard de Bellabre


…….Concordia SAE Supermileage is another dedicated team, aiming to become more efficient with each competition. In 2016, they placed 8th in the Prototype Gasoline category. They definitely hope to improve and learn from this year’s competition.

Check them out at:

#13: University of Laval
Alérion Supermilage
Team Manager: Alexandre Winter


……The Gasoline team to beat, Alérion Supermileage, or Laval, has a pretty impressive track record. They have won first-place in 2014 and 2016, and were runner-up in 2015. They were looking to beat their previous record of 1600km/L set in Marshall, Michigan in the 2016 SAE Collegiate Supermileage Competition. And this year, they walked home from Detroit, with another first place in the Gasoline Protoype category, so congratulations to them!

If you would like to follow their success, pop by


Finally, we have

#14: Dalhousie University
Sexton Supermileage
Team Manager: Andrew “Bossman” McMaster


…….“We are the Donkeys”. Our friends at Dalhousie went to Competition this year with their former prototype in the Gasoline category, and an new UrbanConcept in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) category. They were excited this year to try out different methods of construction. This team was kind enough to let us chat with them throughout competition.

Feel free to hit them up at and see if they’ll tell you about their crazy experiences on the track.

A Fifteenth Team?*

……. Well it appears we missed one team throughout our four days at competition. This came to our attention while looking at track records. So, we should like to give a quick shout-out to Evolution Supermileage from l’École de Technologie Supérieure and you can visit them at

…….Overall, we had a blast in Detroit! And we were amazed by the diversity of Canadian teams out there. We hope to see all these teams again, and even more teams from Canada. This was an incredibly long post, and we also really appreciate all our supporters. So, to everyone, have a wonderful Canada Day and a great Canada 150!

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