Canada Day, Canada SEMA Teams!

Happy Canada Day to all our Readers!

…….A total of 14 Canadian teams* showed up at Detroit for the 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas and we all worked incredibly hard in hopes of winning the competition. We would like to acknowledge all these teams and ask you, the readers, to check out, and support our friends from coast to coast for we are all Team Canada, GO CANADA GO!!!

SEMA 2017 Day 4 Update

Like previous days, our team had an early start; at 6:00am our team took Sofie to line up for racing. Even though prototype races started at 9:30am, we lined up early to get near the front of the queue to ensure we would be one of the first to race. Despite our very early wake-up, there were a few teams in front of us in line. In line, we conditioned our fuel cell (similar to how an athlete warms up before a race or game, our fuel cell performs best after having been running for a bit) because it allows the membranes in the fuel cell to become hydrated.

SEMA 2017 Day 3 Update

Our team had another early start this morning we lined up Alice at tech inspection at 7:45am to get in at 8:00am, when it opened. We passed with flying colours for most of the stations like Brakes, Safety Belt, Visibility, and Horn. Only the Hydrogen station gave us issues (the start-up cycle wouldn’t complete) and so we left tech inspection with 9/10 of our checks completed. Our Fuel Cell team worked diligently all morning to fix the issue. With tech inspection permanently closing at 4:00pm today, our team knows how crucial it is to pass this hydrogen test.

SEMA 2017 Day 2 Update

Early Afternoon

The second day of the Shell Eco-marathon at the COBO Center saw the team make major progress on both vehicles. Immediately after the opening ceremonies, the team got to work fixing any remaining structural issues with that was present with Alice during the trip down to Detroit. The team received a surprise gift bundle from the organizers for being the Canadian winners of the Shell Eco-marathon social media challenge (our team challenge is to eat all of the popcorn by the end of the weekend).

SEMA 2017 Opening Ceremony

The team got up bright and early to move both cars to the test track for the competition photos and attend the ecomarathon opening event.

Sofie’s final technical inspection will soon be underway. More to come

SEMA 2017 24 hours update: Setup, Pizza and Sofie’s Technical inspection

Day Zero

Work kicked off in earnest late Wednesday afternoon as the team’s early arrivals retrieved both the Urban concept and Prototype vehicles from its 29 hour road trip across the border. We spent time setting up our tents in the campground, moving tools and equipment to the paddock and attending the Eco-Marathon safety briefing. The road team was especially thankful for the balmy weather as it was a far cry from the stormy conditions that was a mainstay of the trip from Edmonton.

ALICE goes to Telus World of Science!

We were once again out in the community with ALICE as part of celebrations for the inaugural International science center and science museum day at Telus world of science Edmonton. Team members were also on hand to share with excited students and their families,the technology behind ALICE and also their experiences competing at the Shell Eco marathon.

AGM 2016: Incredible Turnout! Also, What to Do if You Missed It

We had a massive number of people show up to our AGM! This was our most successful AGM ever with enough people to almost completely fill a big lecture hall in ETLC. Thank you to everybody who came. We hope you join our team and learn valuable skills while building the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world.

Check Out Our Latest Videos!

It’s been a good couple of weeks in terms of videos. We released our promotional video for the 2016-17 year and in the same week, the University of Alberta featured us at the Celebrate Teaching, Learning, Research event in a video. We hope you enjoy them!

Here’s our 2016-17 promo video:

Come out to our AGM!

Interested in learning outside the classroom? Gaining hands-on engineering, business, community engagement, or education experience? What about changing the world and making friends while you’re at it?

EcoCar is hosting its Annual General Meeting to celebrate last year’s success, discuss the state of the team, and our vision for the future (of the team and of the world). Here, we will also welcome anyone interested in joining our team and introduce you to some of our team’s senior members and learn more about the team.