EcoCar is passionate about outreach to students of all ages and the public! We would love to talk about our project or about our thoughts on the globally transforming transportation industry.  Our team is always excited to share about the exciting work we do (except during midterm or finals seasons as we are still students), so feel free to contact us at ecocar@ualberta.ca if you think we would be suitable for your event or if there’s an opportunity for collaboration!

Here’s a breakdown of the events we’ve been to or hosted in the last few years:


  • Student Sustainability Summit (January)
    • Promoted sustainability and alternative energy at our booth during this conference. We were the only group from the Faculty of Engineering at this event!
  • Science FUNday (March)
    • Reached out to hundreds of families with an interactive workshop and display of Alice.
  • Unveiling Alice (March)
    • Connected with over 2,000 members of our campus and community for our biggest event. We were able to win 2nd place in the Unveiling Challenge hosted by Shell Canada which made our event the second largest in Canada!
  • Mechanical Engineering First Year Night (March)
    • Displayed Alice to eager Engineering students. We were delighted to see interest in our car and team from first year engineers! We suspect that our flashing headlights might have been partly responsible for this ;).
  • Lago Lakes Elementary School Grade 4 Presentation (May)
    • Presented Alice and taught Grade 4 students about hydrogen fuel, alternative energy, and vehicles!
  • Telus World of Science Edmonton (November)



  • K-Days 2015 Tech Life exhibitor (July)
    • Reaching out to thousands of Albertans at the Northlands Expo Centre was a fantastic experience for our team. We met many members of the public who were blown away at the things we have been doing on campus. At the same time, they inspired us with how much they knew about innovative technologies!
  • E-Bike Talk (July)
    • Featuring our friends Keita Hill and Ranek Kill, this 2015 Canadian Engineering Competition Engineering Communications presentation was re-enacted and filmed. Keita Hill has constructed his own electric bike,  and with Ranek, discussed the various circumstances surrounding more portable personal transportation vehicles.
  • Engineering Carnival (September)
    • Displayed Steve to Engineering students, drummed up interest in EcoCar and answered lots of questions! Additionally, we debuted a “photo-booth” feature at this event where people could get in the car and have their picture taken.
  • Engineering Expo (September)
    • Displayed Steve to parents and prospective engineering students. There was a lot of interest in EcoCar and many students were eager to join the team as soon as they were accepted at the university!
  • Sustainability Awareness Week Design Challenge (October)
    • In 2015, we hosted a design challenge for Sustainability Awareness Week. Students gathered to brainstorm about ways to improve the efficiency rating for the Students’ Union Building at the UofA.
  • Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School Presentation (November)
    • Delivered a presentation about alternative energy and the EcoCar team to Alberta’s only AP Environmental Science class! The students were very excited to hear about EcoCar.
  • APEGA Pi Challenge (November)
    • Presented Steve to groups of Junior High Students. They were very enthusiastic about EcoCar and asked lots of great questions!    



  • Drive the Future Expo (June)
    • Renamed from the Future of Transportation Symposium Future of Urban Transportation - SAW 2014


  • Inaugural Engineering Carnival (September)
    • At the Engineering Students’ Society’s revamped orientation event, we proudly welcomed first year engineering students to the world of extra-curricular project groups at the University of Alberta.
  • Engineering Expo (September)
    • Each year, the Faculty of Engineering invites all future “Designers, Creators, Inventors, Thinkers, [and] Dreamers” (and their parents) to tour the Faculty of Engineering’s buildings, labs, and projects. We’re really excited about meeting all the passionate and engaged future engineers at this event!
  • Future of Transportation in Alberta panel discussion (October)
    • As part of Sustainability Awareness Week 2014, we invited Matt Brassard, Principal at Urban Systems; Erin Toop, Transportation Engineer at Urban Systems; Sheldon Hudson, Vice-President at Al-Terra Engineering; Robert McGarvey, Seasoned Business Manager and Journalist to participate in our panel discussion. We had an inspiring and insightful chat about the directions that our province is heading, and discussed some of the challenges for students and for professionals in this field.



  • Future of Transportation Symposium (June)
    • Hosted at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, various “cars of the future” gleamed in the sunlight. At the future site of a Metro LRT station, this symposium brought the drivers of transportation tomorrow together.

Future of Transportation Symposium 2013

  • Synergy Conference (October)
    • A consortium of resource producers from across Alberta passionate about balanced development meet every year to discuss new technologies.


  • Fuel Cell Lecture (October)
    • Our own Dr. Marc Secanell from the Energy Systems Design Laboratory shared his insight on the challenges of hydrogen and presented some of what his lab is working on. Check out their site to learn more.