About Us


Who are we?

The EcoCar Team at the University of Alberta is a student-run engineering organization that designs and builds hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles. The team primarily races at the annual Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, and have competed at the Driver’s World Championship in Europe.


Since the team’s formation in 2010, we have completed our first generation vehicle, Steve, placed second in the Shell Eco-Marathon in 2012 (our first year competing) and placed first in 2014. Our second generation vehicle, Alice, which took two years to build, allowed us to clinch first place at the Shell Eco-marathon 2016 and allowed us to attend the Shell Eco-marathon Europe and Drivers’ World Championship.  Our third generation vehicle, Sofie, competed in the prototype category, winning second place in 2017 and first in 2018. Our latest vehicle, Kate, is a brand new urban concept, and has not yet gone to competition.

The team was created to develop and explore innovative solutions in the transportation sector. Our goal is to design and build zero emission vehicles to compete in international competitions and raise awareness about different sustainable automotive technologies. Through participation in competitions and promotional tours, the team hopes to help educate the local community and provide a showpiece for sustainable and innovative solutions.

How do we work?

The EcoCar team is comprised of four sub-teams: the Electrical Team, Mechanical Team, Fuel Cell Team and the Business Admin Team.

Competition - Working on CarThe Electrical team focuses on the electrical and control systems of the car. This includes motors, controllers, power electronics, driver controls, sensors and the LCD display. Members work on improving efficiency, monitoring the vehicle, and developing electrical components.

The Mechanical team focuses on the mechanical systems and structural design of the car. This includes working on the chassis, steering, braking, suspension, and driver interface. Members work on the aesthetics and ergonomics of the vehicle, reducing weight, optimizing weight to power, and ensuring the car’s performance in the race.

The Fuel Cell team works with the fuel cell and fuel cell systems. This includes testing and conditioning, optimization, fuel cell controllers and systems integration. They are also working on building a fuel cell from scratch, as well as a research project to lead us toward using our own hydrogen produced with renewable energy.

The Business Admin team markets and promotes the team, attracts funds and sponsors, manages finances, organizes events, and does all the work in between that allows the team to run smoothly.